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I am a personal injury paralegal and I have been working on a clients case. She has NC Medicaid and I have already received the lien amount back from Medicaid, may I add rather fast. The accident occurred in February of this year. The problem I am having is that the hospital in which she received initial service will not file the $29,900.00 bill with medicaid. The representative says that the liability carrier is responsible...and that they can not file it for 6 months. Our client is asking me if she wait the six months will they file on my insurance. I am afraid to tell her yes because if I call this same representative back in six months and she just gives me a line about how they are not filing and waiting for the insurance to pay. This was a policy limit issue case and it has been already settled. As you may be aware, $30,000 split 3 ways is not going to even make the hospital happy and in turn they will stick our client owing the remaining balance, all because they did not want to file it on Medicaid....Is there anything that can be done to sugguest that they do so...Thanks

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The associate says that the obligation service provider is accountable...and that they can not computer file it for 6 several weeks.

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