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Date calculator (how to count days)

I've driven myself crazy counting days on calendars over my career.  Sometimes it is under extreme duress (i.e.:  I swear we are within our 90 day window on that A & P summons.....), and sometimes it was happy counting (i.e.:  Let's see, 8% interest on $250,000 for 728 days is.....)

Anyhow, here is a neat little internet tool, a "date calculator."  Simply insert the start date and the end date, and the computer counts the days.  I'm sure some of you "rain man" types can do it in your head, but this thing saves a lot of headaches and you don't have to keep reciting that poem, "30 days hath Sepetember, April June, and ...."
Now we can get the good news or the bad news faster.
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