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SEHP Lien Request Forms

So you have a client that is a member of the North Carolina Teachers and State Employee's Health Plan?  You need to get the information to determine the extent of the Plan's lien?

Here are some simple steps to follow to protect your client's rights:

Read the Background and In-Depth Analysis of the Lien

Get caught up with the basics of the law by reading the article I wrote for the North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers magazine, Trial Briefs

Read the Current Law

Now that you know the background of the law, you need to catch up on the latest developments (like the law being amended) so read the posts on this blog listed in the left column in the catagory "NC State Employees Health Plan".  Or click HERE for a chronological (most recent first) listing of all the posts from this Blog covering the lien.

Get your Client's Authorization

You need to have your client give the SEHP authorty to release information to you.  This is essantially a HIPPA form for SEHP.

Request the Lien

Download the SEHP Lien request form.

You are on your way to negotiating the lien.

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