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Thanks to Insurance Coverage Blog for the mention

Well folks, a momentous day for the NC Trial Law Blog....this Blog was actually mentioned and linked in another legal Blog, Insurance Coverage Blog

A positive review

Here is the specific post  from Insurance Coverage Blog that starts with an analysis of the "family member exclusion" and ends with the comment about my Blog.  For you long time legal bloggers out there, that's probably no big deal, but considering how new NC Trial Law Blog is, I'm pleased to have received an unsolicited positive mention on a very well written legal Blog.

Here is what David Rossmiller said:

As a bonus, I offer a blog post from North Carolina on a related subject: the household exclusion in umbrella policies.  This post is a call to arms against this exclusion -- sort of the French National Anthem of insurance coverage ("To arms O citizens of France") -- and I can't say I particularly agree, but I did find this post to be well-written and interesting.

(OK, I admit I added the underlining- CRN)

I know David takes issue with my objection to the family member exclusion, but that's fine, I realize that I was doing a bit of flag waving regarding what I consider to be some bad insurance law in NC.  I would argue, however, that I was waving the American flag, or at least NC's flag when I did it.  Not that there is anything wrong with France.  But then again, I do represent the families that have dead husbands and wives, orphaned children, and get denied insurance coverage when they thought they had it and had been paying for it.  That does make me a bit slanted toward people and away from insurance companies.

Anyhow, I'm just happy that we got a mention on what is now NC Trial Law Blog's 24th day of being "online."  We've barely removed the "sanitized for your protection" paper.

Thanks David, we've added your great Blog to our Blog Roll.

-Chris Nichols

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