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When Will the Governor Sign the Bill??

Waiting for the Governor
     We are all waiting on the new State Teacher's and Employees Health Plan Lien to be signed into law by the Governor.  A lot of us lawyers are impatient for this to happen because we have been waiting since 2004 for the "new" legislation to give a makeover to this "super lien".
Things Look Good
     The Governor has not signed off on the bill yet, which is part of a much bigger package that must be reviewed.  Holly at the NC Academy of Trial Lawyers says she has no indication that there is any sort of veto lurking, so it's just a matter of waiting.
The Situation is in Control
     I've driven past the Governor's mansion a few times in the last week or so, and I saw Holly camped out on the side walk in a small village of lobbyists that sleep in cardboard boxes and tents while legislation waits to be finally approved.  It looks like Krzyzewski-ville (K-Ville) over at Duke University. 
     Holly had a megaphone in one hand, and a cardboard sign in the other that said "Sign the Bill!"  She was chanting with the others, 'Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Super Lien has Got to Go!"  It was a truly moving sight that brought a tear to my eye.  That's dedication, and I just happened to have my handy Nikon Coolpix 5 digital camera there to capture the moment . 
     I've heard through the grapevine that she may be staging a hunger strike if this technique does not work. 
     All kidding aside, Holly is monitoring this closely and will let us all know ASAP when the bill becomes law.
-Chris Nichols
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livin' it up in k'ville

Nice. Real nice. That's all I've got to say.

Hunger strike coming soon. Too poor to eat at Duke these days.

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