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I'm in the process of having one of my friends from RTP design and build me a custom computer to handle my office needs. (That's Research Triangle Park for those of you out of state.  Also known as the place that has driven housing prices "inside the beltline" through the roof over the last decade as more and more international companies make a nice little home for themselves smack dab in the middle of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill and Forbes and others keep calling us a "Top Ten" place to live.)

My current computer tends to bog down a bit when I have 15 windows open on my two separate 21 inch monitors and I'm editing a video to burn to DVD for a mediation, using VOIP with video camera,  answering emails, composing text, running a spread sheet in the background, and having my customized case management software accepting scanned documents.  Whew...

I'm one of those people that always researches things to the point of driving myself insane (when it is something like cars and computers, not law!).  So my buddy is doing the tough work and I'm nodding my head a lot.  He designs microcips or something even more complicated than that, so I have full faith in his understanding.

Anyhow, when we started pricing components and talking about the price "breaks" he sent me a link to a $10,000 computer system.  Ten_k_computer For that kind of money, I'd want it to drive me to work and give me a massage, but hey, that's me.

Check out the Tom's $10,000 computer system.  If you want to order one, I'd be happy to be the middle man for my normal commission...

Chris Nichols 1.800.906.5984


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