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I stumbled across an old post today on the website of the National Association to Protect Children, which bills itself as "America's First Political Lobby to Protect Children."  The Association is based out of Asheville, my old stomping grounds.

National Association to PROTECT Children -

The author of the article, Grier Weeks, details the long path that a NC bill to toughen incest laws took through the legisalature and political circles.  It shows the "gap" that sometimes exists between theory and practice on issues concerning the protection of children.  In politics, those with the strongest voice, and often the deepest pockets, get the most "movement" on laws.

The PROTECT website sums it up as:

Children don't voteā€”but neither do firearms, clean air, or whales. Adults protect their self-interests with money, lobbyists, and modern campaign strategies. Children make no political contributions, don't hire media specialists, and can't form PACs.  

Children's protection is our responsibility, but too often we have offered children nothing more than vague non-profits and feel-good rhetoric.

Thankfully, groups like Week's stand up for children and give them a voice.

The article is interesting and worth a read.  READ IT HERE.

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