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Business Community says Too Much "Tort Reform" not so good

My friend Roy Harmon from South Carolina (Health Plan Law Blog)posted an interesting article today about how "tort reform" has been successful in many states but now even businesses are beginning to feel the negative effects.  Of course, those of us who practice trial law have know for years that it is easy to find yourself on either side of the "v" as we say.  (In other words, if you pass laws that limit Plaintiff's ability to seek redress, you may very well find that if YOU have been wronged, your rights have been limited).

In the ultimate "what comes around goes around,"  lawyers who represent business interests are griping about how tough it is to get justice in business versus business cases.  The article also cites how, despite massive reforms, Medical Malpractice Insurance companies keep rasing rates, despite paying out fewer claims.  This once again proves the folly of limiting rights based upon political motivations.

Read Roy's Post "The Trouncing of Trial Lawyers"

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