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Is the SEHP entitled to payment from Medical Payments Coverage?

Medicare Lien Contact Information

When an attorney is requesting a lien from Medicare, it is important to request the lien amount as soon as possible.  I suggest that when you first "take in" a case you set up the Medicare lien request so that you don't have to wait too long on the "back end".  Don't worry if the client is still treating, by the time Medicare processes the lien request, your client will probably be fully recovered.

To start a Medicare claim, you must "set up" the file with the New York Office:

MSP Claims Investigation Unit
P. O. Box 5041
New York, NY  10274-0125
Phone: (800) 999-1118, 8 am - 8 pm, EST.

Once you get the claim/lien request set up with Medicare, you will deal with a different office:

MSPRC Liability  
PO   Box 33828
Detroit, MI  48232-3828

The Detroit office is new, so I'm still waiting to see how they are doing in terms of responding to requests.  I can't imagine t could be slower than it has been in the past (1-2 years) but we'll just have to see.  If you have had a good or bad experience, post it as a comment below.

-Chris Nichols
Nichols Law Firm 1.800.906.5984


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I'm live in Virginia, and the Detroit office is so slow it's painful. We requested a conditional payment amount in November and they still can't give us the info. yet. Something needs to be done.


We settled a case in December and requested the final payment came yesterday and has incorrect dates of service. I am not impressed with the Detroit office so far.


My family settled a case in october and we are still waiting to hear back.Can anyone give me an idea of what exactly the process is.

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