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NC Trial Law Blog hits 10,000

I'm happy to say that today www.NCTriallawblog.com turned "10,000" so to speak.  I've had 10,000 visitors since the "launch" of the Blog last August.

Honestly, I have no idea if this is "good" or not, but it averages out to about 30 new visits per day, so I think in general, it's been a good thing.

For those very few that subscribe to an RSS feed, sorry I've not been posting a whole lot lately.  I had a month long trial in Charlotte, back in March, and that kept me pretty busy for the two months before, and the two months after.

I'll be posting some new lien resources in the next few weeks, and I'm working on a neat little software package that might just help the lawyers out there.

As always, send me your suggestions by email to [email protected], if you have them.

Chris Nichols



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