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Raleigh Personal Injury: Lawyers Paying Bloggers to "testify"

Because I run a business that is, in part, dependent on advertising, I check out Google searches to see where my firm "places" in the Google rankings.  While looking through some of the "top hits" I found a local Raleigh firm "recommended" by a Blogger.  Sure, why not?  Except that this "Blogger" is from another state, and if you read the "small print" she makes product endorsements for CASHThat's just wrong, and deceptive.  Would you hire a firm that pays people to endorse them?

So, if you are looking for a Raleigh personal injury attorney, you have found one.  My law firm, Nichols Law Firm, never pays anyone for endorsements.  We provide personalized service to clients, and are available to meet with you during your hours, at your home if you need us too.  There is never a fee for a consultation.



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Hardison Wood

It was only a matter of time. With all the payola scams from the political blogs in the '04 election, you knew it would hit the "big time" soon enough.

So riddle me this Chris... I just read your article and did some searching and someone has recommended me, using a picture from my IM profile, and put it online. I have no idea if this is a friend, a foe, or what. Since it says flattering things, and seems to track my own web copy, I'm not exactly pissed, but at the same time... its a picture of me!

So, if someone "recommends" you on a blog or other social network site, and you don't want them to, what do you, the recommendee have by way of redress? (ps, i already sent an email, waiting for a reply).

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