Judicial Endorsements and Down Ticket Races in North Carolina
Can the tides of Change push back bad ERISA decisions? Let us Hope.

Results of 2008 NC judicial elections and downticket endorsements

Here are the folks I endorsed that were elected:


Sam J. Ervin, IV – Court of Appeals (Tyson seat) www.ervinforcourtofappeals.com

North Carolina Court of Appeals

Jim Wynn – Court of Appeals  www.judgewynn.com

Cheri Beasley – Court of Appeals (McCullough seat)  www.judgecheribeasley.com

Linda Stephens – Court of Appeals  www.judgelinda.org

John Martin – Court of Appeals (unopposed)

"DOWN TICKET" Candidates 

Roy Cooper – Attorney General  www.roycooper.com

Janet Cowell – State Treasurer  www.janetcowell.com

Elaine Marshall – Secretary of State   www.elainemarshall.org

Wayne Goodwin – Insurance Commissioner   www.waynegoodwin.org

Beth Wood – State Auditor  www.bethwoodcampaign.com

Wake County Judicial Elections

Jacqueline L. Brewer (incumbent) District Court Judge

Anna Elena Worley,(open seat) District Court Judge

Christine Walczyk (incumbent) District Court Judge

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