NC Supreme Court Rejects Ahlborn (mostly)
Prejudgment Interest in Arbitration Awards: Updated decisions

PA Federal Western District tosses out Medicaid Lien...sorta

Congratulations to attorney Patrick J. Loughren of Pennsylvania for his victory in Tristani v. Richman, a medicaid subrogation case.

I don't have a lot of time today to dig through this case, which is 50 pages long and denser than a fruitcake, but this is, in my opinion, and "extension" on Ahlborn.  also, it addresses that tricky part of Ahlborn stemming from the "stipulation" of the meds and the "either/or' aspect of the case as presented to  SCOTUS.

Here is a good summary from Med Law Blog by Michael Cassidy: 1.800.906.5984


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