NC House Bill 542 may give immunity to not only Emergency Room doctors but also to doctors delivering babies
Meeting about to begin

Committee room filling with insurance lobbyist

The select committee on tort reform is meeting at 11 am. The room is filling up with insurance lobbyists. I've seen State Farm, Farm Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and many law firms who lobby for the Axis of Not Good: Allstate, Nationwide , etc.

John Locke Foundation has showed up too. Will the libertarians promote a bill that embraces FDA regulations to give immunity from suit?

The looks on their faces remind me if my child on Christmas morning. Will Santa come?

Committee room filling with insurance lobbyist 1.800.906.5984


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Florida Insurance Inc

None. This bill creates no jobs, and probably will cause jobs to be lost as small law firms go out of business. One speaker said 800 new ER doctors came to TX after they started the immunity for ER. I seriously doubt those figures. No citation at all.

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