Dick Taylor for NCAJ speaks
Ken Kyre for NC chamber and defense lawyers

Dick taylor continued NCAJ

Still talking about EMTALA provisions and thy fed law refers to, specifically, child birth or LABOR, the L of EMTALA.

Taylor has spoken with Rhyne about bootstrap immunizing all acute care with immunity.

Also concerned about all provisions related to tort reform.

1. Less protection to NC than any other state in nation on products liability.

Gives example of Arkansas tainted chicken sold in NC. Nc citizens would have no rights. Only state that way.

Brings up Michigan immunity but aus ours is way bigger.

Collateral source. Bill provides only information about the plaintiffs prudence in purchasing insurance.

Perhaps the lobbyists for multinational insurance companies think NC is the best state for the lowest protections. We think not.

Next up- Ken Kyre for NC defense lawyers and NC Chamber.

Duabert state.

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