Dr Charles Bregier, President of NC College of ER Physicians
David hood for chamber of commerce

Gary Clemmons

Conserver and republican his entire life. Bill v paid is not a conservative principle.

Explains bill v paid. No evidence of who pays bill.

New law puts in incurred expense and balance.

Switches responsibility from the prudent party to the innocent party.

This is confusing when you try a case.

This does not work in the real world. You font negotiate expenses with before trial.

It creates no jobs. Not broken, don't fix

Collateral source bill.

You can't introduce unto evidence payments made by another source.

Simple. Place reponiability on plaintiff. That's wong.

This bill ONLY changes one side. You will not hear information about the Defendnts insurance.

Last section: 6-21.1

Purpose: insurance company low balls you. Allows people to have a lawyer and go to court.

Suggest deleting 1.1. Delete 1.2 and

Jon Moore. Represbets Evan who was in car wreck

www.NicholsTrialLaw.com 1.800.906.5984


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