Steve Wilson for NC Farm Bureau and trespass act
Rep. Jonathan Rhyne speaking

John Faulkner, MD whose wife was burned by medical negligence

dr faulkner is a primary care doctor.

He's been sued, and a plaintiff.

Wife Joan. 5 children.

10 Yeats ago burned. Shows photos of her severe burns to her face and photos of slow recovery.

She does not want to relive these times

Learned three truths about med mal:

1. Genuine medical malpractice cases tepresnt the tip o the ice berg of mapractice

2. Very hard to even initiate a claim.

3. Med mal case is just drawn out war.

Current system is tilted toward providers and insurers.

New bill will tilt it even further and simply eliminate claims.

As a physician I know that mistakes happen and we need to be encouraged to be vigilant.

Lowering the standard of care impacts patient safety the wrong way.

I'm an advocate for patients. This bill does not prevent errors. Insulting to him to lower the standard of care to that of a lay person.

This concludes the speakers who will be speaking today. 1.800.906.5984


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