Defective product seller still speaking
Sammy Thompson for negligent doctors

Lorrie Sanders. Patient advocate

Not a lobbyist. Citizen for good medical care.

Telling the story of her son Ethan, who dies because the ER misdiagnosed him with croup to death in 4 days.

Patients need to have safety on medical side. System is failing patients. Non-economic cap is failing the injured.

Has net bs spoke with J1 and has net with 20+ legislators.

The ER provision is a very dangerous provision. 1.5 million admissions to ER. Last year there were 481 malpractice suits filed. 15 of those suits are. ER sues.

1:20,0000 ER admissions results in malpractice claim.

This law closes the doors to valid claims that don't happen often at all.

Back to her sons case. Who would pick up the life time of life support if he has lived? Me.

I'm a fiscal conservative, I'm a republican, and I have a hard time passing on the
Private mistakes to the public via bankruptcy and Medicaid.

Economic value. First heard of it from defense lawyer arguing with her lawyer "You know a 6 year old has no economic value".

Child's life would only be worth 250k. The costs o the case would make it impossible to get a lawyer to help.

Asks that patient safety not be partisan. Appeals to her fellow republicans. 1.800.906.5984


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