Sammy Thompson for negligent doctors
Still talking about annuities

Tacket lecarpentier from lawyers insurance agency

Tackett is employee of Lawyers mutual.

But not speaking for them.

Says he is here as a neutral for colleagues in national structured settlement groups.

Flaws in the periodic payments sections which could cause inintemder tax consequences.

Offering to help adjust the forced periodic payment language.

Background: insurance defense lawyer, clerked for Chief justice of Nc supreme
Court, 5 years at lawyers mutual selling structured settlements.

Structured settlement issues need to be tweaked to stay tax free. 1.800.906.5984


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Concerned Citizen

Chris: Has a single advocate in favor of this legislation said they will hire more people if this bill is passed?

Chris Nichols

None. This bill creates no jobs, and probably will cause jobs to be lost as small law firms go out of business. One speaker said 800 new ER doctors came to TX after they started the immunity for ER. I seriously doubt those figures. No citation at all.

Florida Insurance Services Agency

Most lawsuits would go away with an apology. That may be hard to believe, but in many cases it is true.

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