Why conservatives should hate NC "tort reform" in Senate Bill 33: A Tea Party primer
NC Senate Bill 33 and Loss of Liberty: How the NC GOP rolls back 235 years of independence and makes big PHARMA the new "King"

Live blogging from Tory reform Committee

Rhino says collateral source is out of bill.

Punitives clarified that no attorney fees will be paid on punitive 75% paid to state.

2.3a. Med mal changed from 250 per defendant to 500k total not per defendant.

Change page 7 and 8. Products

Provisions in products bill apply only to Drugs no other products. Same as Michigan

Page 8 lines 44 and 43
6-21.1. Change. Subsection 3.
Exceeded highest offer 30 days before commencement of trial.

Page 2 sexton 1.3 sub d and e
Omitted previous and now restored.

Old section 2.4 DSO in med mal has been deleted.

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