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Trial: Priest joked about abusing 3 boys in week - Yahoo! News


Trial: Priest joked about abusing 3 boys in week

Associated PressBy MARYCLAIRE DALE | Associated Press – 17 hrs ago

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Jurors in a landmark priest-abuse trial heard Monday about a priest-turned-camp prowler and another who allegedly bragged about having sex with three boys in one week.

Also Monday, two jurors were replaced by alternates, but a gag order prevents lawyer from discussing the reasons for the move.

Monsignor William Lynn is on trial for child endangerment and conspiracy. Lynn, 61, is the first Roman Catholic church official in the U.S. charged for his handling of priest-abuse complaints. Prosecutors say he helped the church bury them in secret files, far from the prying eyes of investigators, civil attorneys and concerned Catholics.

In the day's most startling testimony, a detective read internal church memos about a priest who allegedly "joked about how hard it was to have sex with three boys in one week." His accuser also stated that the priest had a "rotation process" of boys spending time sleeping with him.


Interestingly, North Carolina has no Statute of Limitation for criminal cases involving this type of sexual assualt.  Unfortunately, the general rule for civil cases is that the civil statute of limitations runs three years after the last date of sexual abuse.  If the abused person is a minor, the statute of limitations would begin to run when the minor reaches age 18, and expire 3 years later on the minor's birthday.

There is case law in NC for "recovered memory" cases, but the requirements  for this exception to the statute of limitations on sexual abuse require expert testimony and almost a complete lack of awareness of the abuse until the memory was recovered.


For more infomation on sexual abuse cases in North Carolina, you can go to http://www.nicholstriallaw.com/PracticeAreas/Sexual-Abuse-Injury-Litigation.asp

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this is an awesome blog, thank you for the advice!


I have worked with sufferers of sexual misuse and their own families to get rights from users-i never signify criminals of misuse-only the not guilty sufferers.


Just sickening! I can't believe that people are twisted enough to take advantage of young boys like this... let alone brag about it! It's just horrible!

Community f

So those memos were buried so they would never see the light of day. Hell yeah , whoever covered this up is culpable. Very similar to the Penn State cover-up

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